From the Correspondent’s Desk



6 April 2021

Respected Staff / Students / Parents

My sincere prayers and good wishes to all of you.

The pandemic has slowed down every activity on the planet, but we at Imam Shafi (Rah) Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Adirampattinam considered this as an opportunity and never gave up on our endeavour towards the School of Excellence project. Many programmes that could have not been possible in normal operations of our school could be well planned and executed.

Every day was a new learning experience for all of us and our teachers in particular. Most of them have gained mastery in conducting online classes. They now, know how to make online classes meaningful and interesting. Most of our online classes are supported by pre-class activities and educational videos that reinforce learning. The conceptual development that we intend could be better achieved with this blended learning methodology. It was easy for us to convince our teachers and parents that a clear understanding of concepts is more important than completion of the syllabus. Of course, we could complete the syllabus as well. This has given a lot of encouragement and belief in the new system of learning. No doubt there are few grey areas in evaluation, internet connectivity issues etc., but we are sure to overcome them, Insha Allah.

The website which is being redesigned and realigned to our VISION is one example, which we could accomplish during this challenging time. We are also coming up with a School Operations Manual which will have a clear set of policies for every stakeholder of our school. Apart from this our children for the first time participated in the National Science Fair – NSF 2021 and in their maiden attempt itself brought laurels to the school. Our students got selected by competing with reputed CBSE and international schools from many parts of the country. 

We have also started Civil Services Study Circle to make our students focus on Careers such as IAS / IPS etc., from an early age. We have also focussed on character building, TARBIYAH, and other all-round development activities including a visit to AWISO – Home for mentally challenged children. This makes them more responsible towards the society that they live in. Our children also have planted around 175 saplings (Fruit-bearing trees) which were given as prizes for various competitions, making them Green Ambassadors.

Apart from this, there are regular INSPIRE sessions to cover basics in all subjects in an interesting manner, making them fit for any competitive exams of the future. IIT JEE / NEET / CUCET and career guidance is being given so that our students can reach greater heights. We have also tied up with MS Education Academy Hyderabad for online coaching of NEET / IIT JEE. Two of our students could memorise the whole Qur’an and become Hafiz through our Hifz Academy. Many interesting programmes such as Greens Day, Salad Day and Sprouts day were conducted and the students actively participated. Students could improve their communication, comprehension and presentation skills and also improved their reading ability. We are unable to guess, when this pandemic will end. Unfortunately, many parents are not taking advantage of all our efforts. We left no stone unturned, but we are yet to convince the parents about the educational loss of their children if they do not attend online classes. However, we continue our journey towards excellence undeterred. It is our Creator who guides us and who will help us in all our endeavours. Alhamdulillah! I sincerely thank our honourable trustees, principal, staff, students and parents who wholeheartedly supported us in these challenging times. We have full faith in Allah SWT that we will achieve the desired results, as envisaged in our VISION statement.

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Azam M S