Admission Guidelines

Dear Parent,

Assalamu Alaikum Warah…

Here are the guidelines for the admission procedure and you are requested to go through all the information in the sub-menus of admission menu.

Either you can apply online or pay an application fee of Rs.100/- at the cash counter and collect the application form.

Fill in the particulars given in the application form in block letters neatly and legibly.

Support your application form with a photocopy of the birth certificate, progress report (if applicable), and community certificate duly attested

Submit the filled-in application form to the office. The last date for submission can be enquired from the help desk.

When you submit the application form, an acknowledgment slip will be issued, that will contain details and the date for the assessment test and admission counselling session with the principal.

Acknowledgment slip should be carried on the stipulated date for the above.

If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation letter from the school. Your admission will be confirmed only after the payment of the stipulated fees.

You may collect the textbooks and notebooks on the scheduled dates as specified by the school office.

To collect the books, you have to produce the original fee receipt and also you must have submitted the original Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the DEO.

Parent Portal Message

                       (Please wait, we are working on this feature)

Dear Parent,

Assalamu Alaikum. We are pleased to inform you the launch of exclusive Parent’s portal (BETA) soon,  to know all about your ward right from their Attendance to Discipline, Academics to the amount they memorize Qur’aan at School Inshaa Allaah.

You can access this portal by logging into our website and clicking the icon Parent’s portal on the right. User Id is your ward’s Admission no (eg.: 3876) and password is your ward’s Date of birth in dd/mm/yyy format (eg.:01/06/1999)

This service is available for all Classes. In addition to this, we have plans to add more details right from the Timetable to CCE reports insha Allaah. Keep checking the site periodically to know all about your ward

Should you have any issues logging in to the site, please write using the Feedback form on the website. Please note that the communication regarding portal issues using other means like calling the Receptionist or direct email id will not be given a priority.

We hope this portal will help you to know your ward better throughout his/her years of study in the School Insha Allaah