Academic Programme

The school goes beyond the prescribed syllabus in preparing students as future leaders of the country. Care has been taken to devise a curriculum that maximizes progress in multiple dimensions such as intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural, and artistic. It sets a new trend for excellence in learning by emphasizing vocabulary development, language structure, reading, comprehension, creative writing and providing them with the opportunity to review and reinforce concepts and inculcate skills. The curriculum ensures that teaching promotes self – learning which is everlasting. Activity-based learning is emphasized for which the students are sent for educational outings based on their syllabi.


The school offers quality education, taking into consideration the aspirations and needs of the student community at present. The curriculum combines a variety of courses in Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, and Humanities to develop the desired learning outcome. English is the medium of instruction. Arabic, Tamil, and Hindi are taught as Compulsory subjects. In addition, students engage themselves in Project works of various subjects. They also visit places of academic interest. A leadership quality Program is offered to develop leadership skills. Value education is taught to inculcate moral and spiritual values at all levels.

Pre- Primary Level

This level of schooling commences from class LKG. We work on the development of the fine motor and gross motor skills of the child. We nurture the tiny tots to converse in English. The Pre – Primary Programme prepares the students for the Primary Level education.

Primary Level

This level of schooling commences from Class I. We offer Primary Programme to develop knowledge & skills in English, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental science, Computer Science, General knowledge, Drawing & Painting and Physical Education. The Primary Programme prepares students for Junior Level education.

Junior Level

This Level comprises Classes from V to VII. Students learn English, Arabic, Tamil, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Science as compulsory subjects. General knowledge and Computer Science are taught as additional subjects. They are also trained in Art & Craft, work education, Physical Education and Martial Arts.


Secondary and Senior Secondary Level

Classes VIII to X comes under the Secondary Level. Students learn English, Arabic, Tamil, Mathematics, Sciences and Social science as compulsory subjects. Computer Science, Work Education, Physical education and Martial Art are taught as additional subjects.

Classes XI and XII comes under the Senior Secondary Level. Students have various options to select the group of subjects as per their interest and choice.

The school offers the following five groups:

Group I: English, Mathematics, Physics Chemistry and Biology

Group II: English, Mathematics, Physics Chemistry and Computer science

Group III: English, Computer Application, Accountancy, Commerce, Economics


Evaluation and Assessment

System of Assessment for KG Classes

The school follows a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system. Accordingly, students are assessed on weekly basis and reports are generated four times (2 midterms and 2 terminals) in a year

System of Assessment for Classes I to VIII

Scholastic Area: The assessment structure and examination for classes I to VIII is given below:

System of Assessment for Classes IX & X:

Scholastic Area: The assessment structure and examination for classes IX & X is given below:

Board Examinations

Students are also prepared for the following examinations:

  1. Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (Class X) conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Higher Secondary School Examination (Class XII) conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Commendation Certificates

These certificates are awarded to students based on the following performance

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Academic Excellence

Note: Students who secure Grade ‘A+’ (above 95%) and above in all main subjects of all the assessments throughout the academic year will get a commendation certificate under Academic Excellence

Excellent Sporting Achievement

Excellent achievement in clubs, activities or cultural competitions

Excellent achievement in Quran recitation or Hifz

Outstanding conduct

Excellent community service

Outstanding act of bravery, selfless service to an individual, group or organization

Any act by an individual which may bring great credit to that individual or to UPS

Great kindness showed to individuals or animals in distress.

Any other outstanding act or achievement brought to the notice of the UPS Management team

General Proficiency Award

Classes I – IX & XI: Topper in the total of all the examinations in all main subjects

Classes X & XII: First three toppers in the Board Exam 100 % Attendance Award

Classes LKG – XII: Full attendance on all working days

Co-scholastic Activities

We believe in the holistic development of the child. The objective of equipping the child for life to meet both its challenges and crises needs a totally varied educational programme outside the four walls of a classroom. Students are assessed and graded termwise on 3 point grading scale (A: Outstanding, B: Very good, C: Fair) The aspect of regularity sincere participation, output, and teamwork are the generic criteria for grading.

(A) Work Education

Work Education refers to skill-based activity resulting in goods or services useful to the community.

Art & Craft,  First Aid, Wealth out of Waste, Repair & Maintenance, Computer Maintenance, Computer Applications, Interior decoration, Hand embroidery, Raising of flowers, Plant & Seedings in nurseries.

(B) Art Education (Visual & Performing Art)

(C) Health And Physical Education

Volleyball, Football, Throw ball, Kho-Kho, Table tennis, Athletics, and Tennikoit.

Student Details

CLASSTotal number of SectionsTotal number of Students
LKGA, B, C106
UKGA, B, C, D117
STD IA, B, C 92
STD IIA, B, C109
STD VA, B119
STD XIA, B, C, D64

Academic Details

Subjects Offered For Class XSubjects Offered For Class XII
Social scienceChemistry
Computer Science
Computer Applications