Moral Education

Islam is a natural religion which provides complete code of life. It guides humankind in every aspect of life; personal, social, religious, political, administrative ; it leaves no aspect unguided.

Every human can become successful if he follows the basic principles of life his/her day to day life. Hence our beloved prophet SAW, made it obligatory to acquire knowledge.

In this present times, it is our turn to spread peace and happiness in the world through our future generations.

Imparting Islamic virtues and morals to our children is mandatory as they are always engaged in seeking contemporary education in school and colleges; left with no time to learn Deen. We need to modify the teaching techniques and design the deeniyat curriculum in such a way that it becomes interesting and  convenient to learn deen along with their modern education.

The Deeniyat books that we use are written in simple and lucid language with basic fundamentals of Qawaid, Tajweed, Nazera, and selected Hifz e sura. The Basic and regular supplications, 40 hadith, Basic aqaid (belief), Masail. Selected parts, Seerah of prophet SAW are also included. The syllabus has been designed in such a way that 40 minutes of regular working days would be sufficient to complete the syllabus.

Curriculum (Description of each header will be mentioned in Manual) The curriculum is divided into five core chapters. The content has the following:

Hamd wa NaatDuaAqaidMasail
QuranNaziraHifz e SurahAsma e Husna
HadeethHifz e hadithSunnatSeerat
SalahIslami TarbiyatIslami Ma’lumatBayan
Arabic LanguageAkhlaq

For girls we have integrated Muballiga programme which gives them adequate exposure to virues of deen and also on home science.

Imam Shafi (Rah) Hifz Academy gives Hifz programme to select students, and this is going to be started for girls as well. We have qualified Alims and Ustaz to effectively teach Deeniyat.