Competitions help students to gain all round development and better understanding on dealing with conflicting opinions and ideas. They learn how to collaborate with widely differing personalities and also learn to manage subjectivity in their lives. They learn to better gauge and evaluate risks. This also develops in them a skill to appreciate the victory of fellow students and also boldly accept defeats in a sportive manner. Competitions also build self confidence and make the students strive to excel in future.

The competitions should not be conducted for the sake of conducting. The objectives and outcome of any activity is to be borne in mind before organising the same. All round development of the students should be aimed at and the products of such activities (especially art & craft works) should not go waste after the programme. The activities should be selected based on the usefulness, utility and also their learning outcomes.

The standard of the products selected for art and crafts should be of high order and not cheaper ones. At the same time israaf is to be avoided. Shariah compliance is to be paid utmost attention while selecting the activity. The items needed for such activities could be procured by the school and kept in the school’s Honesty Shop. The school may consider selecting few competitions from the list given below for an academic year:

Sl. No.Special Days and Weeks List of Competitions/ActivitiesApplicable to Classes
1Independence DayQuiz or Elocution or Lectures on:
● Freedom struggle and our national leaders

● Places of importance (freedom struggle)

● Rights and responsibilities of a citizen
Middle School
High School
2Teacher’s DayElocutions or Essay writing on:
● Role and importance of teachers and the respect they command

● Best teachers and teaching practices awards:

● Honouring teachers/best teacher awards
Higher Sec.
High School
3Children’s DayElocution or Quiz Competitions:
● Best student selection and awards

● Inter school tournaments competition
Middle and Primary Classes
4Republic Day● Citizenship training
● History and contributions of Muslims in Freedom Struggle
Higher Sec.
High School
5Earth DayConducting Campaigns
● Sapling distribution and tree plantation

● Water conservation

● Clean Campus drive

● Plastic Free Campaign

● Social projects
Whole School
6Education Day ● Lectures on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad - First Education Minister after Independence
● Contribution of Muslims for Educational Upliftment in India and the world
● Higher Education & Career Counseling
Higher Sec.
High School
7STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Week● Science Fairs
○ Research based projects / competition

● Math Puzzles

● Skill Lab Activities

● Science Quiz
All except KG classes
8Literacy WeekEach One Teach One (teach one member of the family or from the neighbourhood) Higher Sec.
High School
9Literary Week (Development of Communication Skills in English and Regional L)
Types of competitions that could be conducted:
● Elocution

● Word building

● Spell bee

● Recitation

● Handwriting

● Storytelling

● Sentence Making with Flash Cards

● Show & Tell

● Storyboarding

● Debate

● JAM Sessions (Just a Minute) (For example)

○ When I grow up. I want to be

○ How I Spent My Summer Holidays
Whole school, appropriate to their levels
10Healthy Living● Importance of physical exercises, morning walk
● Health and hygiene

● Healthy Diet

○ Salad Making

○ Balanced diet

● Medical / Dental check – up
Whole school, appropriate to their levels
11Milad Week● Qirat / Azan / Hifz Competition
● Charity Campaign

● Bayaan Competition

● Orphan care, etc.

● Sharing is Caring
Whole school, appropriate to their levels
12School Club Activities● Arts Club

● Language Club

● Sports Club

● Environmental Club

● Charity Club
These club activities are to be aligned with the special weeks.
13Mock Parliament/UNORefer:

School Council Elections
Middle & High School and Higher Secondary

Whole School

Art & Craft Activities - Few Suggestions

Competitions 2

14Clay ModelingPlastilina (oil-based clay)
Self-hardening clay
Ceramic/pottery clay,
Wax or other polymer-based material.
Whole school Especially for KG Sections
15Wealth out of Waste Few suggested activities/ Ideas
● Popsicle photo frame
● Shoebox for storage
● Spoon vase
● Paper cup lights
● Flower vase
● Paper Lantern making
● Greeting card making
Whole School
16Origami Activity● Making Paper BoatsKG, Primary and High School
17Seed Sowing ActivityKG & Primary Classes
18Colours and Shapes ActivityColour Day Celebrations
Blow Painting
Salt Painting
KG and Primary Classes