The Library

The School library is kept open from 9.30 a.m on all days. Fiction and non-fiction books, reference books of different kinds and popular journal ...

Physical Education

The school offer the following Games. Carom, Chess, Volley ball, Football, Kho –Kho, Shuttle cock, Track and field, Minor games for the primary section…

Co-curricular Activities

In order to provide Complete Education to children, the school organizes different co-curricular activities...


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Welcome to Imam Shafi (Rah) School

This English Medium School has been established with the lofty vision 

To provide a sanctuary where children can learn ,pray and grow ,free from societal corruption . To develop moral values based

on Islamic teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed(Sal) 

To teach and train children at very early age and stage to be fearful of Allah(SWT)

To impart secular education with good discipline.

To train and equip children with life skills to face the challenges of the stiff competition in the modern world today.




Current Events

Construction of new blocks for boys.


Various social welfare activities to be carried out successfully, require financial backing. The institution calls upon the generosity and charity mindedness of all persons and institutions to contribute their might, so that these various welfare activities can be carried out and new avenues of welfare to the socially, mentally and physically handicapped be started and accomplished successfully. Therefore, we request to the generous public and other Institutions to donate generously to Adirampattinam Educational Trust to which act of charity we would be most grateful.